Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet Google Sheets

Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet Google Sheets

The best automated dividend stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet for Google sheets

This portfolio tracker spreadsheet will automatically update your entire stock holdings, dividends, crypto currencies and more in one secure place. Best for U.S. & Canadian stock portfolios with conversions built in.

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This portfolio tracker requires 4 simple inputs the ticker, exchange, shares & cost  

Once the basic stock data is entered this Google spreadsheet will immediately give gain loss values, 52 week performance, dividends, eps, price to earnings data and more. 

portfolio tracker spreadsheet google sheets

The portfolios trackers main dashboard 

Once your stocks are added the main dashboard will display the total portfolio values, dividend yield, gain loss and updates automatically. The data is then broken down into diversification pie charts of the individual stocks along with dividend income breakdown

portfolio tracker spreadsheet google sheets

Dividend stock tracker spreadsheet

As a dividend income focused investor I added a dividend calendar spreadsheet to this tracker so year over year income growth can be tracked. This will require manual input however the main dividend yield and yield on cost will automatically be tracked.

dividend portfolio tracker spreadsheet google sheets

Why this is the best stock portfolio tracker for Canadian and U.S. investor?

  • No third party data tracking or information leeks secured through Apples iCloud
  • Auto converts currencies for U.S. & Canadian Investors
  • Bring all your brokerage accounts into one place with no monthly fee
  • When you purchase this tracker you will receive 2 more free trackers one for Excel and one for iCloud numbers ;) 

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