Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet iCloud Numbers

Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet iCloud Numbers

The Best Automated Dividend Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet For iCloud Numbers - U.S. & CAD Stocks

This portfolio tracker spreadsheet will automatically update your entire stock holdings including dividend increases in one secure place. Best for U.S. & Canadian stock portfolios with conversions built in.

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Dividend Tracker

This portfolio tracker will auto update your annual dividend income and calculate a yield on cost, There is also an income calendar to manually track the payments month over month. The best feature includes a dividend income pie chart showing percentage of income by holding.

dividend portfolio tracker spreadsheet

Stock Tracker

This is a U.S. & CAD stock focused portfolio tracker that will combine your holdings in the desired currency well giving a beautiful diversification pie chart showing the percentage of each holding.

portfolio tracker spreadsheet iCloud numbers

Crypto Tracker 

Crypto is not for everyone but if it is this includes a crypto tracker for all major listed coins on coin market cap. This will auto update the values and combine it into the main dashboard.

crypto tracker spreadsheet track crypto currencies

Cash, Bonds, GIC Tracker

This portfolio tracker has a place to insert other holdings such as cash in high interest savings, bonds, GICs and will help calculate the income generated.

Personal Finance Tracker 

To help keep track of your cash with income and spending this also includes a personal finance tracker. Stay on budget so you can always meet your investing goals 

personal finance tracker spreadsheet

Benefits Of Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheets On iCloud Numbers 

iCloud Numbers stock tracking capabilities are superior when it comes to Canadian and U.S. stock investors looking to convert currencies well accurately calculating dividend income and increases. If you also mostly use an iPhone this works with the numbers app that comes pre installed 

How much does this portfolio tracker spreadsheet cost

We spent weeks perfecting this spreadsheet so you don't have to, it's designed for ease of use with limited knowledge of spreadsheets. typically $14.99 but discounted using coupon code passiveincome click here

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