My $360k Dividend Stock Portfolio For Passive Income August 2022

My $360k Dividend Stock Portfolio For Passive Income August 2022

A deep look into my $360,000 dividend stock portfolio for passive income August 2022 updates!
This journey started 7 years ago at 23 when I just finished paying off $23,000 in credit card debts to start my business as a full time illusionist.
With that moment of relief I vowed to never be in debt again and at that time my loving mother who's a sheep farmer introduced me to the stock market after seeing my interest in entrepreneurship.
This changed my life forever as to date my combined accounts have outperformed the likes of Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway & even Cathie Woods Ark Innovation ETF.
To achieve this I focused on 3-5 year outlooks with companies who had market share in trending environments such as Apple, Tesla, Canopy Growth Corp, Mindmed, Northland Power and more.
As these companies exploded in value over the years I would always take profits and fund long term investments, adding diversification to save me the large downside risk as we are seeing in todays market.
Below is my 3 main accounts vs the SP500 from inception
TFSA +146%     CASH Account +300%     RRSP +241%

As a Canadian investor I focus primarily on the U.S markets for growth and Canadian markets for dividend income being more tax efficient. In the current market environment I am focused on low volatile assets such as ETFs, REITs and a hint of growth with GOOG, BTC and private placements.

These are my current accounts I share publicly displaying the combined total value on the left and dividend income breakdown on the right.

I have built my portfolio to this level from aggressive growth single stock investing but as I head into my 30s this would make less sense. With larger amounts of capital even a basic 8% return compounds incredibly fast with a continued cost average investing strategy.

I also focus heavily on stabilized dividends as part of my back up emergency fund as seen above 45% of my income is US and 52% CAD including some high interest savings accounts and a cash flowing BTC account.

As we move forward I am continuing to cost average into the positions listed above with Google only being recently added in the last month.

Once a month I will update this to continue tracking my progress 

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