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Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet For Google Sheets

Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet For Google Sheets

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I have created the best stock portfolio tracker with long term investors in mind who seek to track dividend income & growth automatically in one secure place. Best or Canadian & U.S Investors

  • Auto updating stock values, annual dividend income, yield on cost and more
  • Weeks of pre work allowing simple inputs with very little knowledge of spreadsheets required, includes tutorial video.
  • The tracker works with all major listed stocks / ETFs for both Canadian and U.S. investors
  • Includes cash, crypto, bonds and personal finance tracker
  • Easily accessible from tablets and phones

Why Is This The Best Stock Portfolio Tracker?

  • No third party data tracking 
  • Auto converts currencies for U.S. & Canadian Investors
  • Bring all your brokerage accounts into one place with no monthly fee
  • When you purchase this tracker you will receive 2 more free trackers one for Excel and one for iCloud numbers ;) 


Tyler L "Easy way to track my investments and had fun playing with this thanks"

Sandy " Works well for Canadian investors but I appreciate the income vs expense calculator motivates me each month to maximize my savings"

Ali H    "thanks a lot, using this to build my dividend portfolio"

What Will I Recieve

1 Download upon purchase containing all the portfolio tracker porducts

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